Winter has a different feel when you can just be and watch. There is the rabbit that moved in under the shed after using the snow-blown track to get to the shed and other tracks to learn about. So, the report for tomorrow indicates ice, that will have other aspects to think about like power failures. Groceries are already picked up an put away. The pellet stove is cleaned and burning nicely, its battery charged and ready if needed.

Generally, winter is a time for re-grouping and development for Soaps by Elizabeth. During this last year with isolation, I worked on overall web site updating. With the website updated, I am excited about changes for this year. In-person events are scheduled to attend with some great indoor and outdoor venues, and plans for products old and new are in the works. I am also looking forward to seeing clients and renewing friendships. This past year with everyone at home, I know we’ve taken to doing things around the house simply. With that in mind, I am looking for simple products to use around the home to add to my products. There are a few ideas stewing and others moved into testing. I look forward to showing them to you and for your feedback.

One of the new products is a class to learn to make soap. With small classes of one or two people, I have had some fun working on this project. If you are interested, please email ( and we can set up a date.

Generally, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. The Beagles are looking forward to warmer weather with their walks and just being outside.

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