Fall Rainbow

“And I do set my bow in the clouds…”

Fall on the mountain has come and gone. Winter is setting in and temperatures are dropping. Christmas trees and lights have replaced pumpkins and scarecrows. Craft shows have been popping up as well as a few other events. I am looking forward to 2021 and the promise of a new year and new opportunities. Although some of the early events that I look forward to have already cancelled, others have changed up their plans and setup the events to be outside, or with indoor and outdoor vendors and extending the number of days to allow space and time between visitors.

This year I endeavoured to plot new directions and rediscover traditional ones. I worked with an organization i belong to to do a fund raiser that has proven to be successful for both the organization and myself. I have also been focusing on soaps, new fragrances, new blends, of essential oils and new colors and ideas. You, my friends and client have been supportive and encouraging.

This fall mother nature provided the backdrop of a rainbow on the mountain. I captured the moment before the light moved and call on that image now to reflect on the promise it represents. There is a silver lining in every cloud, living in the clouds has shown this to be fact. If this year, 2020, is the cloud, next year 2021 should be great.

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