Beagles. The four-legged friends that rule our house. Each with their own characteristics and their own willful way of expressing themselves to us. Whether they want a walk, treat or just a hug, each has their own way of letting you know.

Zack is our alpha, who will loudly express his excitement when you get home. No inside voice in that bark. Betsy is the princess, quietly nudging her wishes. Please smell me first she says before you may pet her. Rocky cheerful announces to the others that the meal is being prepared. He will also let you know that it is his turn to request an additional treat for the pack.

Each has their own preferences to treats, attention and food. Betsy doesn’t really like vegetables, but the boys both like them. Zack will catch a treat, Rocky will confuse your fingers for the tidbit. Bananas are good with all, but Betsy doesn’t like them too ripe. Just like people, Beagles remind us that we are all different.

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